This is it, the end of the line

The coup de grass! Color! all of these are simply examples of what you could get, each and every hand drawn Commission will be a one of a kind #fyp

More options for Commissions?

Inked out line Commissions now open, prices as marked, contact me for your very own original by me! #HiddenGems #markers #coloring #drawing #fyp

Feirce Blue Warrior

you gotta watch out for the blue ones, they just don’t have anger filters and this one looks extra fierce today #fairy #warriors #ColorCustomizer #fyp

Half-breed Woes

Oh this poor child, half of her blood is seawater, her mother a mermaid, the other half is red like the rest of us her father a fisherman, she’s torn

Price Reduction

We are on lock down, the school are closed, the stores are empty and there are defiantly cases of covid-19 in our county. Needless to say my family and I are not going any where for a while. To celebrate this horrifying occasion I have dropped my prices on my books from 2.99 to .99Continue reading “Price Reduction”