You didn’t ask for it but I still delivered

Here he is, my first ever furry, I’ve been practicing but this is all new to me, I hope you like him. #OneLoveOneHeart #LaceEmUp #TextReaction #fyp

Sneak Peak part 3

sneak peak part 3; happy Monday guys we’ve got the whole crew this week all 10 sketches are ready for ink who’s ready for them? #VibeZone #art #draw

It’s Mine!

A rare and hungry sapphire younger emerald dragon, watch out they may be little but they’ve got a nasty bite, he’s got his fresh sourdough bread #fyp Not the best video I know but a decent warm up for a Friday morning.

The Eye Rolling is Real

Today is late start for the girls, my youngest, the four year old is at his grandma’s overnight and coming home today. I should, in theory, have been able to sleep in today and then been very productive on my book. No sleeping in, three girls are impossible to sleep through. Especially when they argueContinue reading “The Eye Rolling is Real”