New book cover in the works

In maybe halfway thru the sequal to dragons daughter and I have decided to work on the cover art for dragons queen This is only the outline of course, color coming soon!

This is it, the end of the line

The coup de grass! Color! all of these are simply examples of what you could get, each and every hand drawn Commission will be a one of a kind #fyp

Sneak Peak part 3

sneak peak part 3; happy Monday guys we’ve got the whole crew this week all 10 sketches are ready for ink who’s ready for them? #VibeZone #art #draw

Feirce Blue Warrior

you gotta watch out for the blue ones, they just don’t have anger filters and this one looks extra fierce today #fairy #warriors #ColorCustomizer #fyp

Writing as a Mom on a School Holiday

I have three school age children and one nearly four year old. As a full time writer and a stay at home mom, I can tell you that on school holidays, like Lincolns Birthday, today, make writing on a dead line near impossible. When its just me and my four year old, writing is easyContinue reading “Writing as a Mom on a School Holiday”