More options for Commissions?

Inked out line Commissions now open, prices as marked, contact me for your very own original by me! #HiddenGems #markers #coloring #drawing #fyp

Sneak Peak part 3

sneak peak part 3; happy Monday guys we’ve got the whole crew this week all 10 sketches are ready for ink who’s ready for them? #VibeZone #art #draw

Feirce Blue Warrior

you gotta watch out for the blue ones, they just don’t have anger filters and this one looks extra fierce today #fairy #warriors #ColorCustomizer #fyp

It’s Mine!

A rare and hungry sapphire younger emerald dragon, watch out they may be little but they’ve got a nasty bite, he’s got his fresh sourdough bread #fyp Not the best video I know but a decent warm up for a Friday morning.