Painted Wolf Intarsia

wait till the end for this one, I honestly didn’t think it would turn out like that #paint #wood #intarsia #woodworking #fyp

More than one option?

Whaat! you mean I’m more than a one trick pony? just you wait, lol, just. you. wait…. #HiddenGems #NicerToMe #fyp #drawing

Half-breed Woes

Oh this poor child, half of her blood is seawater, her mother a mermaid, the other half is red like the rest of us her father a fisherman, she’s torn

Even mermaids need coffee finally part 3 and done

Aannd done, part 3 up and running, don’t mind my chipped nail polish, I blame covid, anyway here she is. #GimmeLove #givemesomething #gimmecoffee

Getting back at it

Covid-19 has sure thrown a wrench in, well, everything. I know I’m feeling its effects here at home. The kids are stuck inside and I now have to figure out how to help them keep their grades up and entertained and fed, seemingly at the same time. Its draining. I thought that was why IContinue reading “Getting back at it”