You didn’t ask for it but I still delivered

Here he is, my first ever furry, I’ve been practicing but this is all new to me, I hope you like him. #OneLoveOneHeart #LaceEmUp #TextReaction #fyp

More options for Commissions?

Inked out line Commissions now open, prices as marked, contact me for your very own original by me! #HiddenGems #markers #coloring #drawing #fyp

Sneak Peak part 3

sneak peak part 3; happy Monday guys we’ve got the whole crew this week all 10 sketches are ready for ink who’s ready for them? #VibeZone #art #draw

Feirce Blue Warrior

you gotta watch out for the blue ones, they just don’t have anger filters and this one looks extra fierce today #fairy #warriors #ColorCustomizer #fyp

Warrior princess Fey

She didn’t want to go to her mother’s stupid party. She felt self conscious of her tatty wings and oversized body. She never was a delicate winged thing like her mother and grandmother before her. But she was home from fighting tonight and her, who loved her, was throwing this party in her honor. SheContinue reading “Warrior princess Fey”