Painted Wolf Intarsia

wait till the end for this one, I honestly didn’t think it would turn out like that #paint #wood #intarsia #woodworking #fyp

More options for Commissions?

Inked out line Commissions now open, prices as marked, contact me for your very own original by me! #HiddenGems #markers #coloring #drawing #fyp

Half-breed Woes

Oh this poor child, half of her blood is seawater, her mother a mermaid, the other half is red like the rest of us her father a fisherman, she’s torn

Chapter One, Dragons Daughter

Here is the first chapter of my soon to be released book, Dragons daughter. Acknowledgments: I wanted to thank my wonderful husband. With out you pushing for this story to get done it would have gotten pushed back and even forgotten. I love you babe, through all of the ups and downs writing has broughtContinue reading “Chapter One, Dragons Daughter”