More than one option?

Whaat! you mean I’m more than a one trick pony? just you wait, lol, just. you. wait…. #HiddenGems #NicerToMe #fyp #drawing

The State of the World

Either she’s been through some sh+t or shes seen some sh=t but either this how I look at the end of the day #ColorCustomizer #TheOldGuard #FashionFave

Even mermaids need coffee finally part 3 and done

Aannd done, part 3 up and running, don’t mind my chipped nail polish, I blame covid, anyway here she is. #GimmeLove #givemesomething #gimmecoffee

Learning how to set up “Stuff”?

Hi guys, thanks for waiting for me, I wasn’t able to get this yesterday. Still, I just wanted to send a quick message out that I am now actively working on figuring out how the premium features work and what the difference is between the free edition and the paid one is. The reason IContinue reading “Learning how to set up “Stuff”?”