Sneak Peak part 3

sneak peak part 3; happy Monday guys we’ve got the whole crew this week all 10 sketches are ready for ink who’s ready for them? #VibeZone #art #draw

It’s Mine!

A rare and hungry sapphire younger emerald dragon, watch out they may be little but they’ve got a nasty bite, he’s got his fresh sourdough bread #fyp Not the best video I know but a decent warm up for a Friday morning.

Would another author do this?

I have chapter two of my recently launched book for you to read: Chapter 2 I got married and I don’t even know her name 100 years later “You can do this, Tuck! You. Can. Do. This!” The young man stood against a boulder, clutching his broad sword and sweating running down his face intoContinue reading “Would another author do this?”

Chapter One, Dragons Daughter

Here is the first chapter of my soon to be released book, Dragons daughter. Acknowledgments: I wanted to thank my wonderful husband. With out you pushing for this story to get done it would have gotten pushed back and even forgotten. I love you babe, through all of the ups and downs writing has broughtContinue reading “Chapter One, Dragons Daughter”

Long Middle Chapters

I don’t know how it happens, but with a deadline looming next Monday and my husband taking four days off, my chapter five of Dragons Daughter felt like it took to months to rewrite. It did not, it was just a couple of days, yet I am eternally grateful to have have gotten through itContinue reading “Long Middle Chapters”

Different Book Cover Options

Having a talent for drawing I decided to begin designing my own book covers for Devil’s Charming Melody. The problem I encountered was that I was unsure how I wanted to approach the design elements. Amazon has a great program to help you choose and design from some stock images they have but nothing seemedContinue reading “Different Book Cover Options”