More than one option?

Whaat! you mean I’m more than a one trick pony? just you wait, lol, just. you. wait…. #HiddenGems #NicerToMe #fyp #drawing

The State of the World

Either she’s been through some sh+t or shes seen some sh=t but either this how I look at the end of the day #ColorCustomizer #TheOldGuard #FashionFave

Half-breed Woes

Oh this poor child, half of her blood is seawater, her mother a mermaid, the other half is red like the rest of us her father a fisherman, she’s torn

It’s Mine!

A rare and hungry sapphire younger emerald dragon, watch out they may be little but they’ve got a nasty bite, he’s got his fresh sourdough bread #fyp Not the best video I know but a decent warm up for a Friday morning.