New Year, New You, Or What?

Whose going into 2021 with all kinds of resolutions? To be bigger, better, skinnier, or Jumanji?

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That’s a thing, Jumanji. I’m not gonna lie, that’s me right there, at midnight I’m going to jump out of bed and scream Jumanji and hope with all my heart this hell scape of a year is over.

Otherwise, as an author, my only wish for the new year is to have the discipline to write on a stricter schedule, to take a passion further into a habit.

What about you? What is it you want out of next year?

2020 is all but over, just one more day to go?

Have you reflected back on it?

I feel like I wasted a lot of time, but I have depression and anxiety so there’s that too.

In fact a lot of people have developed depression and anxiety, I don’t how you couldn’t really but I had it before it was cool, thanks mom and dad…

Back on track here, resolutions…I don’t have any. I don’t want to get fit or be a better person for the beginning of a new year.

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I’m always working on myself, we should all be. I have experienced an immense amount of growth this year, did you? I feel good about that.

Distance learning for the kiddo’s is a joke. I could do with out that.

I want to write more, get more books out, but not due to a resolution, that was just bad timing in the year for that to happen at the same time.

Maybe set up a stricter schedule that coincides more with the kids school schedule.

Maybe I could get up earlier?

I know I laughed at that too, Ha! No.

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The books I am working on right now are coming along nicely but I’m pretty sure i wont be able to finish my short romance by tomorrow. I hadn’t been a lazy sack of potato’s all weekend i could have but no, we kicked back and are likely to do it again this weekend. Relaxing is nice.

Happy New Year Everybody!

Fingers crossed it treats up better.

Published by catdvermillion

I enjoy creating and writing fantasys, turning them into full fledged novels inbetween helping my kids with home work and chasing after my three year old, almost four now. I love the rain, the sound and smell as it patters against the roof of my house. I love helping animals although I'm not a foster dog or cat mom as I would never have the heart to rehome them. I have an Emotional Support Dog, a queensland heeler who resembles a potato more than a dog and two cats, one for my oldest and one for the rest of them. I am the slave of two green cheek conures who keep me distracted and make it difficult to get anything done. I manage in my own little way to keep chugging along. There always seems to be more madness than method to go around.

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