The Queen Has Risen (an update)

In today’s adventures of Rue and Tucker, the main characters in my Dragons Daughter series, book 2 Dragons Queen, Rue has found her crown.

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An ancestor, as in her first ancestor, took her and her unwilling husband on a magical memory cruise to prove that Rue is indeed the rightful queen to a nameless kingdom. That’s part of the magic here in the world I’ve created.

They get into a huge argument and Rue throws a temper-tantrum driving her husband, who didn’t want to marry her in the first place, the feeling is mutual, away and she falls into the mud in front of her gravestone.

There she digs a hole and low and behold finds the magic crown of her people, safe and sound and right where she was told it would be.

End chapter three of Dragons Queen pg 182 on word.

A lot of that there was paraphrasing what really happened in the book.

Its all a lot more interesting to read I promise.

Feel free to check out my first book Dragons Daughter though, it explains a lot why these two are unwillingly married to each other and how a dragon came into play.

Its a fun read all the same.

Update over.

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I enjoy creating and writing fantasys, turning them into full fledged novels inbetween helping my kids with home work and chasing after my three year old, almost four now. I love the rain, the sound and smell as it patters against the roof of my house. I love helping animals although I'm not a foster dog or cat mom as I would never have the heart to rehome them. I have an Emotional Support Dog, a queensland heeler who resembles a potato more than a dog and two cats, one for my oldest and one for the rest of them. I am the slave of two green cheek conures who keep me distracted and make it difficult to get anything done. I manage in my own little way to keep chugging along. There always seems to be more madness than method to go around.

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