Still Lost; just a Noob in the Woods

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I went through the motions, I signed up for the web property. I added my domain. Nothing.

I even got the app on my phone.



I have no idea what I’m doing or why I’m doing it.

I believe its suppose to help me track traffic but so far I have none?

Maybe I’m not a big enough name yet? I don’t know.

Today doesn’t seem to working out very well for me any way.

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Does somebody else out their know which way is up when it comes to this stuff? Could you explain it to me?

Deep sigh, tomorrow is a new day, I will try again tomorrow.

Published by catdvermillion

I enjoy creating and writing fantasys, turning them into full fledged novels inbetween helping my kids with home work and chasing after my three year old, almost four now. I love the rain, the sound and smell as it patters against the roof of my house. I love helping animals although I'm not a foster dog or cat mom as I would never have the heart to rehome them. I have an Emotional Support Dog, a queensland heeler who resembles a potato more than a dog and two cats, one for my oldest and one for the rest of them. I am the slave of two green cheek conures who keep me distracted and make it difficult to get anything done. I manage in my own little way to keep chugging along. There always seems to be more madness than method to go around.

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