Being a Noob Blogger

I was finally able to upgrade to premium and oh boy am I lost, its so much to take in and work around. I know that I will get the hang of it eventually, hopefully?

Here’s hoping right?

Working around hyper active children who just got out of school is not going to be the best time to much done any way. To noisy and demanding.

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Either way, I’m off to learn some thing new.

Has anybody checked out 20booksto50k@facebook? They are a great resource too for anybody struggling with writing or if anybody has questions about writing.

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I enjoy creating and writing fantasys, turning them into full fledged novels inbetween helping my kids with home work and chasing after my three year old, almost four now. I love the rain, the sound and smell as it patters against the roof of my house. I love helping animals although I'm not a foster dog or cat mom as I would never have the heart to rehome them. I have an Emotional Support Dog, a queensland heeler who resembles a potato more than a dog and two cats, one for my oldest and one for the rest of them. I am the slave of two green cheek conures who keep me distracted and make it difficult to get anything done. I manage in my own little way to keep chugging along. There always seems to be more madness than method to go around.

4 thoughts on “Being a Noob Blogger

  1. 2 yrs in and I’ve not upgraded. Can you explain for us who haven’t, how it’s different and what are the challenges and adjustments we’ll be faced with? As you progress, maybe even give us some tips, advise and explain how it’s better? Thanks in advance!

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