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A great place to catch up on what I’m working on from month to month, what books I’ve released and what I’m about to be releasing. I also let you know whats going on with me from day to day and how I am learning to navigate everything that comes with being an online author and blogger.

My recent works available for purchase:

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Last dragon alive is a green chain smoking father of the worlds only female wizard. Tricking her into marrying Tucker, a knight out on his first quest to a make a name for himself was just the icing on Rue’s birthday cake. Together with a philandering half elf bard they set out to save the kingdom in this good natured comedy of errors.
Read about Melody a shy and abused orphan who captures the heart of the devil himself, as she learns how to trust again and find confidence in herself.
Rose is lost and stranded in nowhere Wyoming when the pack leader smells something different about her, he brings her home and introduce her to pack life on the ranch. Enjoy this short read with a happy ending, the first of its series.

About me:

Since I was small I have been making up stories of characters I created in my head and have entertained my family with hand drawn pictures while explaining what was going on behind the scenes I would show them.

Finally taking this story telling gift to the next level with the support of my loving husband I launched my first book Falling Stars in April of 2019. I couldn’t call it a huge success more of a mile stone giving me the confidence to continue writing my second book Golden Wolf released July 2019, right before my life colapsed around me and my family.

Picking my computer back up at the end of December last year I amazed everybody and my self when I wrote Devil’s Charming Melody in under a month releasing my first book of the new year in 2020.

Now after a long wait I have my fourth book to be released the end of Febuary 2020, Dragon’s Daughter, my husbands favorite story to date.

We live quietly in Woodlake, Ca with our four children two cats, one Red Queensland Healer and four birds all stuffed into our tiny two bedroom trailer.

Just living the life and trying to raise our children to be good people, I would say we are already halfway there.

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